{if $infos.outside}

{t}This dialog allows moving a couple of entries to the configured tree. Doing this may straighten your LDAP service.{/t}

{t}Be careful with this option! There may be references pointing to these entries. The FusionDirectory setup can't migrate references, so you may want to cancel the migration in this case.{/t}

{t}Move selected entries into this tree{/t}:


{t}The listed entries are currently invisible in the FusionDirectory interface. If you want to change this for a couple of entries only, just select them and use the 'Migrate' button below.{/t}

{t}If you want to know what will be done when migrating the selected entries, use the 'Show changes' button to see the LDIF.{/t}

{/if} {foreach from=$infos.entries item=entry key=key} {if $entry.checked} {if $entry.after != ""}
dn: {$entry.dn}
{t}After migration{/t}
dn: {$entry.dn}
{elseif $entry.ldif != ""}
{/if} {else} {/if}