Nanotemper Prometheus

Nanotemper Prometheus Series

nanoDSF applications

measure ultra-high resolution protein stability.

The Prometheus product range with optional robotic autosampler for fully automated nanoDSF analysis, being the method of choice to measure ultra-high resolution protein stability.

Tecan Spark

TECAN Spark® 10M

multimode microplate reader

Ignite the productivity in your laboratory

Discover the Spark 10M multimode microplate reader from Tecan and accelerate your research in your laboratory for cell based assays.

No matter what your experiment, Spark 10M enhances productivity by bringing together the advanced capabilities of a multimode reader, incubator, cell counter and dispenser.

Anasys nanoIR2

Anasys Instruments nanoIR2

Correlated Property mapping with nano-chemical, nano-mechanics, nano-electrical, nano-thermal and topography.

Every productbuilt around our full featured AFM supporting many routinely used AFM imaging modes. These include tapping, phase, contact, force curves, lateral force, force modulation, EFM, MFM, CAFM and more.

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