Agilent Seahorse XF instruments analyze mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in live cells, generating data in just minutes.
AMETEK Scientific Instruments is a global leader in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for scientific research, particularly in the field of electrochemistry and weak AC signal recovery.
Nanoscale Infrared microscopy and chemical imaging (AFM-IR), atomic force microscope nano-thermal analysis, and nanomechanical response of materials.
BIOVIA solutions create an unmatched scientific management environment to create and connect biological, chemical, and material innovations.
Galantos Genetics is a german provider of new forensic tests for crime scene investigation, rapid stain identification and SpermHyliter.
Sophisticated Life-Science automation solutions from the Netherlands.
Koehler Instrument Company designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of physical testing equipment featuring both manual and automated instrumentation.
Leica is the leading manufacturer of products for imaging, measurement and analysis in Life Science, Material Science and QA, based in Germany.
LiCONiC is driven by its position as the world's leading manufacturer of automated incubators and plate storage systems for the life science industry.
Micronic is a leading global supplier of traceable sample storage solutions to biorepositories and other laboratory facilities.
NanoTemper Technologies is a globally operating high-tech company that develops, produces and markets technologies and instruments for biomolecular analytics.
PCR Biosystems offers a range of best-in-class kits and reagents for PCR and related technology.
PMI has six product lines and manufactures over thirty different instruments, and holds several US and International patents on novel technology for characterization of pore structure.
SPECTRO is a leading manufacturer of elemental analyzers using OES and XRF spectrometry, headquartered in Germany.
TECAN is a leading provider of laboratory instruments and automated solutions for laboratories in life sciences, headquartered in Switzerland.

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